1.The Consultative Berue

The Consultative Office for Administrative and Economic Research was established in 2007 to carry out studies, research and activities within its competence.

مدير المكتب الاستشاري دكتور سطم

   Tasks of the consulting Berue

 -Preparing the economic feasibility study for new and existing economic projects

 -Holding training courses for state and private sector employees according to their needs.

  - Qualifying projects and companies to obtain an ISO certificate.

  - Preparing and sponsoring scientific research.

  - Preparation of statistical analyzes of scientific research.


  2.Scientific Journal

 Journal of Tikrit, Management Science, economic journal specialized court in the field of Administrative Sciences, economic, accounting and information technology, which is addressed to the   members of the faculty and researchers in universities and research centers and development institutions, expets and advisers areas of concerns, as well as leaders operating in the fields of public and   private, and take scientific research published by the Journal the following headings:

- Empirical research based on data from the reality of a field or a pilot and the statement of significanc.

- Analysis and evaluation of new methods and the statement of significance and applicability in the Arab world.

 -The study of practical cases and the development of the semantic and lessons from them using the methods of the scientific method and the conventional tools.

 - Showing contemporary research literature in their areas of interest.

 - Contribute to building models contribute to the Arab reality and pointing Applied implications.

 - Allow policies Journal publishes book reviews up to (2000) the word that it will not have been on the book's publication more than two years, and consists review of view and Thileil and critique   and review includes a distillation of the contents of the book, with interest to discuss the proposals of the author and the credibility Astntegth and health and the need to reference to the full title of     the book and the author's name and the publishing house and the number of pages and the year of issuance.

 - Publish periodic summaries of messages and Alotarih university that has been discussed and vacationed on the abstract of no more than 1,500 words.

 - Interested in the magazine cover seminars and conferences across the reports do not exceed (200), the word referred to a place where (Conference - Symposium) and its time and its participants and subjects.




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