- Preparing qualified and qualified graduates who are able to achieve a competitive advantage in the market, through what the college does by providing the requirements for graduate and postgraduate studies.

صور طلبة

- Achieving continuous communication with the college graduates and developing   of common interests and benefits with them by providing opportunities for continuing learning and re-qualification in accounting, administrative, and economic specialties.

-Achieving a nike position for the college through preparing and implementing educational curricula, especially continuing learning , in a manner consistent with the requirements of the market.

-Developing the professional, managerial and behavioral skills of college employees and enhancing their innovative capabilities in order to qualify them to use modern technologies with high quality.

- Continuous evaluation of the outputs of the educational process and the adoption of performance criteria for measuring the scientific level in order to ensure the quality of the academic programs of the college.

صور الطلبة 2

- Enhancing joint relations with Iraqi universities and seeking to establish strategic partnership relations with Arab and international universities , with the aim of contributing to the promotion of educational and research projects of the college.

- Achieving a distinguished role for the college in serving the community and developing the means of interaction in a manner that ensures effective participation in solving economic, administrative and accounting problems and rationalizing the investment of resources in order to achieve sustainable development.

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